Overhead STC-04

Stationary Model Steam Engine Specifications

STC-04 STC-04

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Single Acting Oscillating type
Copper Boiler with Brass end caps 50 mm diameter
 Cylinder Bore 8 mm
 Cylinder Stroke 19 mm
Flywheel Diameter 54mm
Fuel Dry Spirit Tablets
Length 170 mm
Width 120 mm
Height 235 mm

$385.00 AUD + GST

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This robust little steam engine stands 9 ¼" tall sitting on a base measuring 6 ¾" x 4 ¾". The copper boiler has brass end caps with stocky safety valve and filler/water level plug, also in brass. Steam is directed to the chimney via a neat piece of pipe work.
The overhead engine itself consists of a 5/16" bore x ¾ stroke and is of a single oscillating type.

The firebox is of a solid steel construction in a stove black finish with radial vents. Complementing this unit are brass "Steamco" name plates.

Our solid fuel burner tray has been bolted to a rather gothic style firebox door with a curved brass handle and an easy to hold wooden knob which all looks just the part.

This is a beautifully designed and well crafted engine with a first class finish.